We make a difference by providing full 60 minute massages and the Certified Massage Therapists will refer you, if needed, to exercise tips, stretching, other natural health care providers, and will educate you about the care of your body’s overall wellness.

A one hour session provides you with:

  • A 5 Minute Consultation regarding Health Concerns & Expectations for the Massage
  • A 5 Minute Dressing Time
  • A 60 Minute Massage

Customized to Your Needs

To meet your massage needs, our Massage Therapists customize your massage according to your health concerns and expectations for the massage using a combination of therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, swedish, neuromuscular, pregnancy, sports, and reflexology. Call Apex Chiropractic to schedule your a massage.

This is just one of the services we provide at Apex Chiropractic.

The services go hand in hand with each other to help speed your recovery as well as balance and maintain your health. Each service, with the exception of Advanced Rehab used with Chiropractic care, can be used in conjunction with the others or as a single service.

Call Apex Chiropractic of New Hope to schedule your massage. (763) 533-0654