Apex Chiropractic offers pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements that can only be purchased through a health care provider, like Apex. herbalvitamins.jpg

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are considered 99% pure, without additives or unnecessary substances that may cause side-effects. They are formulated to be absorbed at a high percentage and manufactured following strict guidelines.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic can provide you with a thorough nutritional consultation to address your personal health challenges and make specific recommendations tailored to your needs.

Nutrition is just one of the 4 services we offer at Apex Chiropractic.

The services go hand in hand with each other to help speed your recovery, as well as, balance and maintain your health. Each service, with the exception of Advanced Rehab used with Chiropractic care, can be used in conjunction with the others or as a single service.