“I was first introduced to Apex Chiropractic by another patient. I was just coming back from Iraq with a lot of back problems. For instance, I couldn’t stand for a long period of time without difficulties. I couldn’t bend or stretchvery far without pain. I was also getting headaches 3 times a week or more. Since I started at Apex Chiropractic I have had only one headache. I can bend and stretch normally, and I can stand for long periods of time without difficulties. I can also carry more weight without any problems.” —Matthew G.

“My five year old son was suffering from a painful earache. I called Apex Chiropractic right away because I’d heard other moms talk about chiropractic as the best “first call” when kids have earaches. Apex Chiropractic fit him in that morning. He said the doctor was really gentle–and his ear stopped hurting that afternoon. Thanks!” —Christy S.

“The Apex Chiropractic team have been a huge blessing to our family for about 8 years. My wife and I started coming to Apex Chiropractic because of my neck and shoulder pain and as our family grew from just the two of us to a family of seven, now all of us have been adjusted regularly each week. I strongly believe ourchildren’s lack of ear infections and over all health is primarily a result of being properly aligned. As my job is taking me to a different state, Brenda and I are realizing the many friends we are leaving behind. Our family counts on the doctors and associates at Apex Chiropractic not just as highly skilled, caring health care providers, but as friends that will be missed. Our family has been greatly blessed with much improved healthand for our children, they started life out right with all of them being adjusted within their first week of life outside the womb. I believe that the doctors at Apex Chiropractic have always had our family’s best interests in mind, and I hope many other families take advantage of the expert care, and personal touchthey will receive from Apex Chiropractic.” —The Carr Family

“Thanks to Apex Chiropractic my road to wellness is now a reality. With my preventative treatments I now feel much better and don’t have the headaches and back pain like before. I’ve recommended Apex Chiropracticto two of my friends who are also working on their “wellness” with Chiropractic treatment. Life is too short not to feel good so do everything you can to make yourself feel better.” —Patricia M.  

“I was 8 months pregnant the first time I came to Apex Chiropractic. I had very bad pains in my lower back and was unable to walk without support when I would get up in the middle of the night. Apex Chiropractic changed all that. Because of him, I was able to enjoy my last month of pregnancy virtually pain freeI believe in chiropractic care. I have even brought my 3 1/2 year old son and 10 1/2 month old daughter.” —Jessi L.

“I started chiropractic after a work injury, Apex Chiropractic was able to remove my pain and get me back to work right away. Since then Apex Chiropractic has taught us value of chiropractic maintenance to a healthy life. Now our whole family comes in for maintenance visits. We feel better all the time! Thanks, Apex Chiropractic!” —Joel, Shari, & Hunter N.

“Since Neck Adjustments within 1 month I had normal Blood Pressure for the first time in 20 years. Since Neck and Upper Back Adjustments within days my chronic migraines ceased! I have more flexibility in my neck and entire trunk since starting treatments 2 1/2 months ago at 1 time a week. I am able to walk more freely and comfortably. I no longer feel like I am walking thru quick sand. I am able to take deeper breathssince Middle Back Adjustments. I have several disc herniations and bulging discs plus disc degeneration, scoliosis, and  bone spurs–I am a Phase 3 degeneration, but since I started treatments at Apex Chiropractic I finally have hope for a brighter future!” —Karen L.

“Here my spine’s health has been addressed. I’ve been restored from car accident(s) and falls. I walk taller, sleep well, and enjoy a better quality of life. I’ve learned to consult with Apex Chiropractic doctors about any health concerns. Now, wellness is my aim. I feel great.” —Janet B.

“On my initial visit to Apex Chiropractic I came in shaped like an “S.” I could barely walk or get up onto a bed by myself. Now just one week later I look and walk normal again, and I am feeling better than ever!! I am recommending Apex Chiropractic to all my friends and family. Thank you so much to the doctors and staff of Apex Chiropractic for their dedication to my future health.” —Jody G.

Through stretching exercises and treatments received at Apex Chiropractic, I have substantial improvement in my flexibility, energy, and sense of well being. Some of the areas I have noticed most improvement in are: legs and torso. I’m grateful for the improvements I’ve received and look forward to even more improvements.” —Darren D.

After my car accident in July 2006, I was taking a lot of Advil just to get through the day. A month into my treatment, I no longer needed to take any painkillers. I feel good enough to start working out again!” —Sharon B.